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06-11-2011, 06:07 PM
I think we all know that the torps are sort a messed up.

The humble photon is underrated though. The high rate of fire coupled with the slow travel rate can be a huge bonus, it is possible to get a bunch of these in the air, if you use them right you can launch torps and beat them to the target and launch round 2... getting almost 2 hits at the same time. Photons can be higher burst then quants if you use them right;

But ya, Plasma dot is week... the HY version is WAY to slow,
Transphasic Math is Silly..... (heres a little example for you with aprox standard dmg numbers on non resistant shields)
Trans 3200 Dmg - 30% penetration = 960 hull dmg
Quant 5000 Dmg - 10% penetration = 500 hull dmg
Looking at the math Trans look good on shield compared to quants... of course they have 12 second cool downs not 8; and the truth is on shield neither of the torps is really don't anything useful.. out side of the odd luck crit... in which case I bet the quants higher base dmg equals it out anyway.

Cronitons have a great proc... but again the lower dmg and high cool downs make it hard to justify the weapon slot.

Torps in general need alot of work.