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Hey Guys,

I tried hard to find a way to move the old thread here, but apparently there is nothing I can to to get the old info back (which sucks). So I'm starting the thread again, and hopefully it'll spark new discussion.

For those of you who don't know the Jupiter Class Dreadnought is a ship that is currently unplayable. It is one of the Federations Dreadnoughts and was actually in the game far before the Galaxy X Dreadnought.

Here are some images if you are not familiar with the ship:

After a LONG and arduous road; and the combined work of myself and a few other dedicated Jupiter fans, we were able to gain a response in Junes "Ask Cryptic" saying that the Jupiter and the Typhoon (another ship) were possibly going to be made playable around season 5.

Also during our time in limbo (when we knew not whether we would ever be able to play it) myself and a plethora of others came up with a possible ship build. This is the most popular one and by no means is representative of ALL the participants, nor is it my sole work; a group of us came up with it after much debating.

Tier 5 Cruiser (Rear Admiral Lower Half and up)

Jupiter Class Dreadnought:

The Jupiter Class Dreadnought is one of the largest ships from Federation design. It doesn't utilize the standard saucer sectionĖmain hull design that is common among Federation vessels and instead has a main hull with dual connecting pylons at the aft section on the top and bottom of the ship, which lead to the nacelles. The Jupiter is meant primarily for combat missions where brute force is needed but enough ships cannot be mustered to tend to the issue. The Jupiter Class Dreadnought has two small hanger bays to house support vessels to aid it in combat, because of this the Jupiter can launch small Peregrine fighters, as well as small shuttles to fix up damage that it may sustain or itís allies. It has tremendous hull strength and crew compliment and if necessary can be self sufficient for extended periods of time. Unfortunately due to itís size the Jupiter has a very poor turning rate and is typically slower than other vessels. To make up for the lack of maneuverability, the Jupiter has an automated point defense system of turrets on it's port and starboard sides. Those along with it's normal weapons truly allow the Jupiter to live up to it's title as "Dreadnought".

Fore Weapon Slots: 3
Aft Weapon Slots: 3
Point Defense Turret (port): 2
Point Defense Turret (starboard): 2
May not equip cannons

Tactical: Lieutenant (1)
Engineering: Ensign (1), Lieutenant (1), Commander (1)
Science: Lieutenant Commander (1)

Tactical: 3
Engineering: 4
Science: 2




Launch Support Wing:
-Summons a wing of 6 leveled Peregrine fighters to aid the Jupiter in combat.
-Summons a wing of 3 leveled Repair shuttles to fix the Jupiter or itís allies
This ability is usable once every 2 minutes and you may only have one wing launched at a time.

+5 Power to all Subsystems

+30% Hull Strength

Point Defense System:
The Jupiter Class Dreadnought, (in order to make up for itís lack of mobility) has four automated turrets mounted on itís sides (two on each). These turrets fire independently from the main weapon system and do not need to be controlled by the ships crew. The turrets are used mainly as a defensive measure and do not inflict serious harm to larger vessels, they do however protect the Jupiter from large torpedoes and smaller more agile craft.

Emergency Maneuvering Thrusters:
The Jupiter, (when necessary) can allocate power to their emergency maneuvering thrusters in order to come about more quickly. This power may be used once every 2 minutes and it increases the Jupiterís turn rate by 3 to a total of 6 for 20 seconds. This ability puts a large drain on the auxiliary power levels and it takes some time for the power to be restored. NOTE: This power does not increase the Jupiterís speed, just the turning rate.

Well that's it for now, any questions or comments?