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06-11-2011, 08:17 PM
I believe part of the problem with torps really has to do with the changes they made to tac team. A cruiser with 12k shields per facing now has 48k worth of shields you effectively have to go through combined with say 40% shield resistance and you are looking at essentially 67K. That's a lot of shields and it only takes a little bit of those to drastically reduce a torps damage as we all know. When I fly my carrier its pretty easy to just pop my tac team even though I turn like a brick.

Simply increasing the damage of torps or adjusting damage resistance vs torps will end up really hurting escorts more than big ships if you ask me. What I really think they should do is make a change to tac team so it no longer can act as a poor man's RSP. I can slip torps past a cruisers hull but Tac team makes it almost impossible to do right now. I think people need to consider how changes to weapon systems or abilities effect all ships and classes.

Torps definitely need a review no denying it but I wouldnt simply recommend a boost to damage. I'd consider taking a closer look at tac team and if it really should be a more offensive or defensive oriented ability. One idea I wouldnt mind seeing is nerfing the shield rebalance of tac team but increasing the kinetic damage bonus it offers.