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06-11-2011, 10:26 PM
Originally Posted by mvs5191 View Post
Torpedoes are supposedly getting a balance pass sometime in the future.
I hope it's soon. It's one of those things that's been so broken for so long that I'm a bit worried that Cryptic is no longer aware it's a problem.

I had been thinking that every torpedo ought to do damage in two shots, so the second has a higher chance of hitting hull, but Cursix's idea is much better.

Major Fury:
Simply increasing the damage of torps or adjusting damage resistance vs torps will end up really hurting escorts more than big ships if you ask me. What I really think they should do is make a change to tac team so it no longer can act as a poor man's RSP. I can slip torps past a cruisers hull but Tac team makes it almost impossible to do right now. I think people need to consider how changes to weapon systems or abilities effect all ships and classes.
I don't think making torpedoes more effective against shields would hurt escorts in particular that much. Escort shield capacities are a little lower than a cruiser's, but escorts should have an easier time avoiding 90 arc weapons than other ships.

Even before the change to Tac Team, spamming Distribute Shields was still pretty effective in keeping shield facings up. You're right that Tac Team makes it easier, but torpedoes still weren't great before.

My thinking about helping torpedoes do a little more damage to shields is that since they are 90*arc weapons, cruisers and science vessels reduce their firepower by bringing them to bare anyway, and escorts and BoPs have much more powerful forward weapons available to them.

A cruiser for example might be able to hit you with an 8 beam broadside, but that only gives them 4 beams forward and aft -- that's not a big threat to anyone. If you pull out one beam in each direction to add torpedoes, then the cruiser has a 6 beam broadside with 3 beams fore and aft. Since you definitely aren't going to drop anyone's shields with 3 beams, the torpedo in the mix tends to be wasted. You could probably get away with photons or quantums doing close to the same damage against shields as beam arrays, because each torpedo still reduces broadside damage.

I just don't see how to make torpedoes more useful while still being as ineffective against shields as they currently are. If escorts in particular suffered too much, then maybe a fix would be to make torpedoes more effected by defense than energy weapons. It makes sense that projectiles would have a harder time tracking fast moving ships than energy weapons.