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Captain Winfield Hancock Scott sat alone in his ready room, staring at the golden piece of fabric, the index finger of his right hand barely touching it, his mind thousands of light years, and half a decade away.

His head snapped up and he glanced at the readout on his desk, his eyes widening in surprise at the elapsed time since he’d entered the room.

Almost an hour! Damnit!

Pushing his chair back, Scott rose and moved toward the door, stealing one last glance at the tiny piece of cloth on his desk. As the doors to his ready room parted Scott walked onto the bridge of the USS Watchtower, his eyes moving clockwise from station-to-station, taking in the scene and nodding as various members of the bridge crew’s eyes met his.

Standing between the helm and viewscreen, Commander Thryiss was bent over the console, checking readouts with the helm officer and comparing them to the PADD in her hand.

Yeah, she’s right, she does have some spectacular legs, Scott thought as a small grin tugged at the corners of his mouth.

Looking up, the Andorian zhen noticed the commanding officer, and drew to her full, and to Scott, impressive 6’ 4” height. As she started to alert the bridge to the presence of the ship’s commanding officer, Scott shook his head in a “no” and walked toward her.

Scott closed next to his executive officer and spoke so only she could hear, with his back to the bridge as he faced the viewscreen. “No need for that stuff. Protocol is important, but let them do their jobs.”

Turning so she was also facing the viewscreen, Thryiss clasped her hands behind her back and spoke low. “Good of you to join us. Sir. I know Chief was not thinking, even for him, so I have to ask…are you alright Winfield?”

“I’m good XO. But thank you for asking. I think I’m going to take a walk and check the rest of the ship out,” Scott said, turning his head slightly to the right so the two officers could have eye contact.

“Excellent idea sir. I can join –“

“Not necessary Thryiss. I’m ok. Plus, if I have to look at your legs anymore today, I may violate a Starfleet regulation or two.”

Her loud laugh filling the bridge made Scott smile, and he was grateful he was not separated from one of his best friends in Starfleet as his new command was preparing to leave Earth Spacedock.

“I understand Sir. And if I may be so bold…it’s good to see you be you,” she said, her voice firm, but friendly.

Scott nodded, and turned toward the turbolift, “The bridge is yours XO.” As the doors parted he entered the lift, turned toward the bridge and gave Thryiss a slight nod, which she returned, giving him a quick wink, and he understood she knew he was fine.

“Shuttle bay.”

As the lift came to a halt Scott stepped out, and looked to see if the hallways were crowded, and let out a sigh of relief when he saw they were empty. Moving at a brisk pace he entered the hanger, turned to his left and walked to the Type-8 shuttle Ridgway. Reaching the ship’s hatch, he let the doors hiss open, entered the craft and closed the door.

Scott looked around the tiny ship and moved to the pilot’s seat, sat, leaned back and closed his eyes. Drawing deep breaths, he reached and tapped his combadge, his eyes still closed. “Scott to Thryiss.”

“Thryiss here.”

“XO, I’m currently inspecting Shangri-La…you know where to find me if all hell breaks loose on ESD and we are needed to save the universe.”

“Understood sir. I’ll handle the real work here,” his friend replied, and he could hear her chuckling. “Thryiss out.”

“Computer… play Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto in E minor, Op. 64 Andante.”

As the music began flooding the shuttle, Scott relaxed, feeling the strain and fatigue of the last six months drain from his body, the notes bringing him peace, a tranquility he hadn’t allowed himself to feel in years. Sitting in the shuttle, Scott thought back to his first assignment out of the Academy, piloting a Type-8 between Luna and Mars, sometimes with VIPs, often alone, listening to music and enjoying the solitude. From the time of the Battle of Vega he hadn’t had much time to get in a shuttle, the one place he felt at peace, where he had a calmness he couldn’t capture anywhere else.

I won’t have a lot of time for this in about 35 hours, so I’m going to enjoy this.