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06-12-2011, 09:34 AM
Seems to me the only one being self righteous here is the op.

I will warp during a match, for instance. This morning I was in an arena group with 3x cruisers on my team. The other side had a cruiser, 2x escorts and another ship I didn't stay long enough to find who they were.

I was unlucky enough that my 3x cruiser buddies, me being in an tac escort retro, were 3x dps cruisers apparently. And even while I'm equipped with cov capx3 shields, and sci and eng bofs fully armed with lvl I and lvl II healing abilities (edit: also running dual tac teams) I couldn't manage to keep alive with the dps focus fre on me just because my shields were slightly lower and my boff healing slightly worse than the dps cruisers I was with.

Normally in a situation like this I APO and evasive out, which while we are on the topic of broken skills, does not work as the tooltip describes. "Immunity to movement impairing debuffs for 15 seconds" The escorts were targeting my engines so i could not bail as per my usual strategy and APO does not remove this debuff. Targeting the engines is a great strategy, I also use it myself. Though, am I to sit there and lose 15/0 with me being dead 15 times? I don't think so. Warp and we can get another super self tanking cruiser in here so I'm not holding my group back.

It's a game, people are gonna warp. It's not a tragedy. Yeah it can be a pain, but it's more like a mosquito bite pain and not a devastating blow. Last night I was in a group and we were short/lost members that were replaced and we came back and won. I think the whole meaning behind your post is to try and bash 7th core. Not really honorable if you ask me, $&!** happens. Que again, or don't. Move on.