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06-12-2011, 01:49 PM
Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
I don't like zone chat complaining either. It's tiresome as well. It ultimately is whining, and whining never looks good on you, regardless of how warranted it is.

I think the worst thing broken abilities do is poison the atmosphere in PvP. The whining, the rage-quitting, it all makes things worse, not better. It makes everyone feel bad. And it's not our mistake that Cryptic can't get their powers balanced right. It's our mistake if we let it get to us.
Agreed, it is all a symptom of poorly thought out (or not thought out) mechanics. But it is our fault if we invest so much emotion in the game that we actually get upset that someone is using them.

Tbh I don't even care about rage quitting anymore. I still think its a sad, but I'm tired of discussing it. The truth is, people are going to be upset about losing whether its STO, final fantasy, or modern warfare.