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# 1 Upcoming Foundary Series
06-12-2011, 03:01 PM
Greetings guys, I'm currently writing up scripts for a new series available on the foundary. While it would consist centered on the player's ship, it would actually indeed follow a primary mission, which is the exploration of the nearer sectors of the Delta Quadrant.

You the captain will play through many missions through seasons that would be released over the course of the next month. The first series has been planned as Season 1 and contains 20 episodes, which include the appearance of new races, old races and interesting arks including, power struggles, tailing enemies, ship drama and anomalies that wreak havoc with the ship and interesting discoveries.

There is one catch that has mandatory to the series, it the series name. Considering the centerpiece ship will be the player's actual ship, the series name has not been decided and we wouldn't want to develop the series based upon one type of ship, and pre-determined name.

Below is the list of chosen Episodes that will run through Season One of the Series and hopefully it would interest you as it takes us back to many aspects of Gene Roddenberry's dream and the continuation of the TNG, DS9 and VOY series, which we will revisit in the series.

[Episode List]
ST:TBD S01E01 - Hopeful Dreams{Part1}
The crew arrives at the Icari system to help develop the first Transgalatic Warp Gate but somthing goes wrong.

ST:TBD S01E02 - Thickness of Blood{Part}
The crew gives chase to the Romulan warbird that flee's the Icari System.

ST:TBD S01E03 - The Depths of the Void
Starfleet finally grants the crew it's first Long Range, Deep Space assignment.

ST:TBD S01E04 - Premature Nova
The crew encounter a dying star, beset to go super nova but a pre-warp civilization inhabits the system.

ST:TBD S01E05 - Virus
Multiple Errors begin appearing all over the ship, and the ship is at risk of being destroyed.

ST:TBD S01E06 - The Scourge
In an astonishing discovery of a Borg Sphere Derlict, the Borg found something they could not handle.

ST:TBD S01E07 - Traders
After a minor malfunction, the crew arrive at a trading post to replenish some spare system parts but an alien decides to steal one of the ship's weapons.

ST:TBD S01E08 - Scavengers
The crew begin study of a Class 2 Nebula which is producing unusual radiation which then tends to be a trap.

ST:TBD S01E09 - Gravity {Part 1}
A Gravitational distruption in the sector causes the ship to fall out of warp.

ST:TBD S01E10 - Supernova {Part 2}
The ship attempt to save a planet from a species intent on destroying it's star.

ST:TBD S01E11 - Old Enemy
The crew answer a distress call and find an interesting prisoner onboard.

ST:TBD S01E12 - Future in a Bottle
The crew encounter a temporal rift and find an object which proves too valuable to keep.

ST:TBD S01E13 - Ghost
The crew conduct trading negociations with a local race, while several crew begin noticing a ghost like being lurking on the ship.

ST:TBD S01E14 - Good for Business {Part 1}
En route back from mining Dilithium from a small moon, the ship is not at it's meeting coordinants.

ST:TBD S01E15 - Good for Business {Part 2}
A small team tries to takeback the ship from the Ferrangi and fight off the Romulans.

ST:TBD S01E16 - Federation Day
An annual celebration turns dim as a crew member is left seriously injured following a verbal altercation.

ST:TBD S01E17 - Error
A holodeck similation for training tactical officers goes horribly wrong.

ST:TBD S01E18 - Nest
The crew encounter a hirogen vessel adrift. It turns out the Hirogen are being host to a dangerous parasite.

ST:TBD S01E19 - Before Omnipotence
A ship is discovered crashed on an uninhabbited planet and is found to be billions of years old and it's one-man crew member is somewhat extremely special.

ST:TBD S01E20 - Giratti {Part 1}
The crew detect two ships similar to the ships that detroyed one star and almost destroyed another star and give chase to stop them causing more havoc.

*TBD - To Be Decided

Thank you for reading and any support, feedback and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.