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06-12-2011, 03:08 PM
Originally Posted by Darren_Kitlor
How'd you overcome the mission limit?
That's a problem I haven't came to yet xD but a work around on this should be okay to deal with as additional accounts can be created. It is not illegal to create multiple accounts on Star Trek Online. So that is a possible fix. Just remeber these episodes need tested before they are distributed.

There are indeed two ways we can tackle this.

- Each Mission will consist of two or three episodes. As far as seen there is no limit to how long a mission can extend.
- Multiple accounts can be created solely for these series if they pro-logue episodes proven to be an interest. Pay special interest to the episodes of S01E12 - Future in a Bottle and S01E19 - Before Omnipotence.

What can be done is that the first 'Mission' on the first Dialogue, would have multiple options, each starting a new Episode. A text explanation below;

[ST:TBD S01E01-05]

Episode Information

[Play S01E01 - Hopeful Dreams{Part1}]
[Play S01E02 - Thickness of Blood{Part}]
[Play S01E03 - The Depths of the Void]
[Play S01E04 Premature Nova]
[Play S01E05 Virus]

And another Option of the next five episodes in a similar fasion as above as a seperate Mission altogether. Releasing the episodes this way could potientally allow all players to play each episode as a few over the time it takes to create the release version of the next batch. Only problem exists which we would tackle like any other Episode in the TV series is space in the mission limits. Which we would possibly remove segments of the episodes to make room for each episode.

Theres another hopeful option that Cryptic would open a service that would allow foundary users to purchase additional mission slots.