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06-13-2011, 08:02 AM
Originally Posted by trinitron72003 View Post
I just started tryin to rearrange again after 5 months. I am trying to go back to the veiw with the BOs showing but i am loosing some of my abilities.

I dont want to derail this thread but I too have issues with the UI and the abilities tray. And with some of the keybinding associated with the tray. Is there a thread going for this discussion?

-thanks, Trit
One of the changes being made to the UI is the ability to show the BO's AND 3 tiers of power bars. Currently you can either show the BO's and 2 rows of powers or 3 rows of powers and no BO's. With 3 rows plus BO's there should be plenty of room then for all the powers even at VA and beyond.