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06-13-2011, 07:13 AM
since you are going to be grinding exploration anyway, have you thought about crafting your cannons? all you would need would be the appropriate ammount of the correct T1 anomalies to make the scematics, then the appropriate tier anomalies for your current rank. i ground up a crafter specifically for this purpose. now at captain, im rocking crafted purple beam arrays in my LRSV science ship, along with the breen engine and dish, the reman shield, the rapid fire transphasic torpedo launcher (purple), and the transphasic cluster torpedo (blue, levels with you). i also crafted a couple blue consoles, 1 hazard, and one phaser for the beams. they seem to make a big difference over the green ones i was using from the badges.

it only took me one day to farm/buy all the necessary bits to actually make them, however it took me prolly around 3 days total played time to farm and buy enough anomalies to grind up to the 1650 max crafting skill.