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06-13-2011, 08:10 AM
Originally Posted by CaptPeacemaker
I have 2 Field Emitter consoles stacked as my engineering consoles, one MkXII at +7 power level, and a MkXI Uncommon at +6.5 for shield power, raises the shield power level 13 points, which equates into a regeneration boost of 54% plus the skills that I have maxed in shield performance.

End of the day, I run in attack mode with 85/50 shield power, providing a 240% regeneration rate for my Shield Array Mk XI [Cap x3].

This works really well with my weapons maxed at 125/100 as well.

I have found that covarient shields are good, but high capacity doesnt do well in a prolonged battle if your shields dont regenerate. Although, I admit that I havent tried the Aegis or any other covarients since being able to raise my shield power to those levels.

Resilient shields worked really well in the configuration, but needed a little more capacity.

Hmm, I wonder what a Regenerative Shield Array would be like with 240% regeneration?
Ok I just tested the configuration with a Regenerative Shield MkXI [Cap], seems to perform very well against the Borg. It takes just moments for a shield to recharge, and my shield healing abilities really seem to help too. Still havent tested with a Covarient yet.