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Originally Posted by MajorFury View Post
All this "peace" talk between the Feds and the KDF needs to stop. My quest is to kill as many Feds as possible because I really don't like you. I dont like the rainbow coalition happy my little pony look to your ships. I dont like all the rp'ers that play fedside, I dont like the 13year old mindless barrens chat that takes place on ESD, and if they had smells in this game I'm betting 9 out of 10 of you smell like cabbage. I dont like cabbage.....or carnies. The only satisfaction that comes from this game is actually blowing up feds.....the rest? Meh......
So, please take the flower power pow wow talks and go fondle yourselves on ESD. I don't want to have to que up with the short bus coalition that makes up 90% of the UFP. Go away....stay away....and instead push for more reason to play FvK. Trust me we have no shortage of KDF who want nothing more then to kill feddies all day long.
Die Feddie Die!!!
No shortage indeed.
Everyone who ditched their blue loser for the skill play day 1 knows the score. Klingon>fed.

Don't get the wrong idea. Everything available to fed players, missions,gear,officers,team mates, enemies, game play, is superior than the kdf version. As of late the fleets, fielded teams, and elite players number smurfside. Klingon population, morale, and skills have never been weaker.

I can not count the number of times high skill players have said "why even bother (as klink) the feds will just ability x and well lose."

Not blackjack mind u. I didn't leave Lore becus of him(not enuff like him, too many fed on part timers)

The point is man the **** up and stop being *****es. Don't mimic fed BS with extends ad heals.

Be what we were meant to be, hardened warriors, who still strike fear into the hearts of the most skilled feds.
Kill feddy!