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# 1 There aren't so many builds?
06-13-2011, 02:35 PM
When reading the forums I often see the advice.. "Search the forums, there's plenty of builds" You know what? There aren't a lot of builds... mainly I guess people just fly blind in leveling their builds.... so here is my build please any advice would be appreciated..

I'm a VA Engineer. I've decided to use Harpengs now to free up points from quantum and max out my engineer performance... I fly the Excelsior or Galaxy Refit any advice or questions ( since queries will help give me perspective) is welcomed.
Armament : FWD 3 Dual Phaser Beam Bamks Mk X, ! Harpeng Torp. Aft 3 Phaser Beam Arays Mk X. 1 Harpeng
My Skills are
TT 1, APB1, BO3

EptA, ET1, EPtS3, AptSIF3

Engineer Build