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06-13-2011, 03:46 PM
*Edit* Just scrolled up to the very top of the page.

You've spent a lot of points on the star ship captain talents which could be spent in other places. At level cap, which type of ship do you plan on using? You currently have MVAM Prometheus selected.

If I was going to be healing as an engineer in a Science ship I'd like try this build in a Nebula or D'kyr.

BO Set up for both ships would be the following:

Lt Tac: Beam Fire at Will I, Attack Pattern Delta 1

LtC: Engineer: Emg power to Aux, Engineering Team II, SIF II

Cm: Science Team I, Science Team II, Transfer Shield Strength III, Tyken's Rift or Gravity Well III

En: Hazard Emitters I

Lt Uni / Science: Transfer Shield Strength I, Hazard Emitters III.

As it stands right now I use the following set up with one change. I have Extend shields in the place of Engineering Team on my Nebula.


Fore: 2 x Phaser Beam Arrays, 1 x Quantum Torpedo Launcher all Mk XI

Aft: 2 x Phaser Beam Arrays, 1 x Tricobalt Torpedo Launcher.