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06-13-2011, 04:44 PM
To provide a bit more information, the above was produced by using a demo, and capturing screenshots at a constant distance, so perspective and other issues do not come into play. I also made very precise measurements of game coordinates, to ensure that my in game lengths were consistent. Then then produced a graphical chart, in which I plot the in game length of each ship against the best known canon length. In the case where they was no canon length (indicated by "~" above for an approximation) I made that approximation based on my chart.

Here is a link to an image I made of the chartt. ShipSizeGraph

The graph shows that, when it comes to the relation of ship sizes to each other, I think the devs did a pretty consistent job. The scale of the ships to the environment may be off, and shuttles are off as per the devs themselves, (notice the alternate scaling line for shuttles) but for the most part each ship sits right on the line. Any inconstencies that players may have noted, I think, may be due to perspective errors, thinking that another ship is larger or smaller than your because of the different angles.

There are three fairly large exceptions. One is the Defiant, of course. It is much too large for its official size. But even that is not consistent, some sources have the Defiant as small as 90 meters, or as large as 150. The devs my have settled for 150 just to give it more visibility.

The other interesting "errors" are the Sabre, and Akira, both Escorts. In both cases, the devs made them smaller than canon. The Sabre matches the Defiant at 150 meters, while the Akira seems to be about 400-415 meters long in game, in place of 440 meters. I'm not sure whether the devs made them smaller to make them more escort-like, or just had different sources for the lengths.

The larger ships also seem to be a little off, but not more than about 10 meters. (And in fact, my first pass had them right on the line, but as I made some changes to confirmed my figures Excel recalculated the line and moved up a bit) The Nova may be off by about 2 meters, and the Nebula seems a bit off as well. But that is not as much as the big three above.