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06-13-2011, 09:30 PM
LF does have some FaW users I have an escort with FaW I used 3 times in matches. Beyond that I do not use FaW. I know many in LF use FaW because they got curbstomped by other fleets using the same deplorable skills and those same fleets come on here and say FaW is OP'd. On the KDF side of LF I fly regularly with one guy that uses FaW and all he is doing is doling out heals hae is hardly specced as a FaW boat like many here are trying to cry.

Viper while I would like to say I will make LF and SoS cheese free we have little faith that others will also. I mean what do we do Call the OP police when we see Fleet X using a broken skill when they agree to not use it here.

I will reserve signing this "treaty" until I see the fruits of its labor.