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06-13-2011, 10:37 PM
Originally Posted by Stegi
You talk about LF here. I doubt they kill anything without FAW. Most LF i encounter even in groups are big into the new FAW. Crimson please tell me you only use 1 DBB on your MVAM because i have seen different like your fleet buddies. LF is one of the biggest FAW Spamming Fleets out there, not sure if it is because of the amount of members and sure not everbody of you guys do however I encounter plenty on a daily base. So please don't give I only have 1 dbb and its only to kill spam. Thats a laughable excuse.
I think you flew with 3-5 LF the other night on the KDF. Making broad generalization I have seen you on once and I am on regularly 8pm EST to 1am EST. The skills are broken and "everyone" is using them. Whether its right or wrong is irrelevant at this time. I mean right now there is a lot of pent up frustration in game because Every fleet over uses broken skills and PvP is hardly fun. I find most matches to be curbstompings one way or the other and can only count on 1 hand how many decently balanced matches where the overuse of broken skills was not prevalent.