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06-13-2011, 09:47 PM
Originally Posted by WishStone
*sees the fleet march in* Guys, before this becomes a spammy post ("Me, too!" or "/signed") I'd like to quickly point something out:

I am sure each and every fleet would like 'their' fleet emblem in the game. The Pegasus Fleet want a Pegasus. The Wild Tomatoes want a Tomato bush (and a tomato plant for the PvP group, please) and the Hot sauce Desperados want to have a bottle of Tabasco sauce.

Please do keep in mind however that we have a few generic fleet symbols which we share between fleets. Requesting custom ones would eat up a lot more time than actually enhance game play. Also: Your fleet symbol would not be unique for YOUR fleet. Nothing would stop another fleet from copying you with the use of the same symbol - so the more custom it is, the easier others will have it when trying to annoy you in the game.

Right now, we have no plans to make custom fleet icons.
Simple solution. Allow more layers to a patch. WE ahve basic shapes now. If we had more layer options we could create what we are wanting as opposed to having to wait for you guys to add the symbol into the game.