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06-14-2011, 02:15 AM
Originally Posted by Sumibe
The cool thing about Anti-protons is that you can scale the proc. With any other weapon, you have a 2% chance to proc, but with antiprotons you have at least a 2% chance to proc. Spec into Attack Vectors and you can boost that by another 4.5%. Also spec in Combat Maneuvers and Battle Strategy and you can get another 4% from APA if you're a tactical captain.

So an admiral can have a 6.5% chance to proc, 10.5% if they're tactical. If I run 3 dual heavy cannons, I have a 48.6% chance of scoring at least one critical hit per salvo, and a 12.42% chance of scoring at least two. Granted, that doesn't factor in defense/accuracy, but it also doesn't factor in CRF.

Thats just looking at the chance to proc. The proc itself is also percentage based, so as you boost your weapons performance, you also boost the value of the proc.

Anti-protons are expensive to spec into, but the benefits can be huge, unlike the fixed procs of plasma, tetryon and polaron.
You make this sound as if it were a benefit over other weapons. It is not. Yes you can boost your critical hit chance and with Antiprotons your critical hit will be harder. All the other weapon types also have their critical hit chance plus an additional chance of their specific proc, so they can have both, a critical hit and a special proc, at the same time (if you are lucky).

Antiprotons may be nice for cannons with rapid fire, when you have more shots and so more likely hit critical, but here also it's the same for Phaser, Disruptor, ... their proc will probably occur more often, too. And don't forget the additional 1800 skill points to invest if you are going for Antiprotons instead of Phaser/Disruptor. That's 1800 skill points one could put into Engineering or for example max out the complete Cannon or Beam skill if you are going cannons and beams.

Going Antiproton for cruisers and sci ships with beams is an absolute waste of skill points and only an option for escort pilots. Option only means they are a possibility next to the other weapons, not better.