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06-14-2011, 03:41 AM
Originally Posted by mvs5191 View Post
I'd go with BO 3 any day.

BTS: Shields can easily be overriden by a battery, EngTeam, or transferring power to shields.
Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
Some people say that BO 3 is too much of a gamble, as it can miss - but BTSS is worse, it can not only miss, most of the time it doesn't remove shields at all. ANd you still don't have the off chance for a deadly critical.

If you want to drain something, drain engines or aux. Engines means the enemy is at a minimum slower, that means easier to hit, that means more damage and potentially better critical hits. And Auxillary Power drain is a bane to science vessels.

I think BTSW might be interesting to use against Escorts and Cruisers, but too many people have energy buffs to compensate I suppose. (Though I am not entirely sure how drain and buffs interact.)
When I'm using Target Shields (buffed up by the relevant SCI skills) I see enemy ship shields drop dramatically at times especially the Battleships and Escorts.

The science and frigates are harder to take down. I'm talking about VA B'Tran here as my most prevalent testing ground.

The science ships I can understand, as science ships are supposed to have the best shields in game. However there must be a buff on the frigates as well. But let me point out that when I do my alpha strike on the lead frigate ship, it pops as I pass over it, finishing it off with rear quantums if needed. Usually I don't need that but I've been trading out weapons trying to find my best combo.