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06-14-2011, 03:30 AM
Originally Posted by Hammel105 View Post
Would this be in a challenge match? can't you make mixed teams?
No, you can have them on the same side, but they can't be teamed. Makes it hard to see the status of cross faction team mates and select them. You could run a targeting script to help compensate, you could also try to make sure there is even distribution of klings and feds per team so everyone has the same issue (eg. 2 klings 2 feds assuming a 50/50 ratio of attendees). Having your view set up to show health bars on all ships helps.

...Or something that might be fun and interesting is not allowing any teaming. Each player would be teamed with one other person not particapting in their match to insure no one cheated. Would make healing *very* interesting to say the least.