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06-14-2011, 06:15 AM
This one is not so hard to answer as you might think.

If you want to aim at spike damage and damage only without looking at any other aspect, go with BO3 and all other Tact abilities that buff pure dmg even more.

Ability Target Shield Subsystems can be a real pain in the ***, but you got to understand when its most viable to use.

What does it do:

- Lowers the Shield Power Level drastically (depending on your skills and which Rank ability you use.)
- Chance to disable a facing or even the whole shield.

Now you probably want to use this ability most when you know you are going to face someone which uses a Regenerative shield or Borg shield, why? Because those shield arrays depend mostly on your shield power level. For covariants it doesnt really matter if you have a high or low shield power level in terms of regeneration.

Most people with a covariant rely mostly on shield heal abilities to heal themselves, and putting their shield power level on 25. (Which in this case you could consider Target Auxiliary systems because Covariant users will gladly want to make use of their Transfer Shield Strength )

So you would say that if it lowers the shield power level (The 25) easily to 0 the shields will fail and disable. Enemy can counter this by manually increasing his shield power level again manually.

Also, when having the right skills, your Shield will still be at around 50-53 even at the lowest 25 setting.

Also its not always true that Covariant users put their shield on 25, since more shield power level means more Shield Damage Reduction.

So these are all factors to consider, and perhaps it might be more plausible to use this Ability when you feel the situation requires it? Nothing wrong with swapping your Bridge officers for the right situation :p

Oh on a side note, you already mentioned it but yeh you are right, most people use at least 1 copy of EptS which can eaasily fix the shield even if it were to go down, or with an Shield Battery.

But Engines and Aux is a different story, not much people can counter that as easily as shields.
If you would think about target engines, i would probably use it on an escort which tries to outmaneuvre you.