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06-14-2011, 06:52 AM
Just to make an argument for the underlying tech that would allow something like this...

The same kind of "threat assessment" that makes sense in a space game where we have sensors also makes sense from an "extra-sensory" perspective and this tech could conceivably be ported to other games.

You could use it to simulate tricorder scans, tactical intel, telepathic probes, or divination spells... any kind of ability that would allow you to know something about a target that you can't find out visually.

Now I fully "get" that developers might want to be able to hide information from players... this could take the form of a settable attribute that makes a particular NPC 'actor' or object unscannable. In this case, your "Electronic Warfare readout" would show no information and would be marked red for unreliable.

But I would argue that this "unscannable" attribute would only be used rarely. It would be better to allow players to read information about all but the most unusual of targets, with a chance of poor accuracy.

One reason I say this is because it can help players gain an understanding of how the game works when they can see a target's configuration and experience how that affects gameplay.