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Hi all.

As the title says I am a VA tac officer looking for some suggestions. Since I began I have mainly stuck to cruiser class ships, with the occasional foray into escort-dom.

I am currently flying, and have been for a long time, you guessed it the Excelsior.

What I am asking is which of the escorts are better, survivability seems to be a big problem on them and I was wondering if people could advise on which of the stock ones are good for what and if I was to buy Prom or Def which would be better?

I play alot of PvP (not a hardcore PvP-er) and from experience the escorts are the first to go boom usually. I have decided I want to make use of all my offence capabilities.

Even on my Klink char I have not used the BoP, only the cruisers, so looking for advice on which escort would be a good build for me to work on for my Fed.

I am mainly looking for that super knock out alpha attack punch that I see people do with escorts.... (although I am interested to know what tact skills apart from tac team, people use for survivability?)

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.