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06-14-2011, 09:35 AM
A few weeks back Steam had the Digital Deluxe pack for sale for $4. I am sure he picked it up there.

It comes with both (and some cryptic points).

Both of these items however are just bonus items and it is not really a priority to make them compelling end game choices. Most retailer bonus items aren't actually useful for end game. The fancy ground armor is neat for offense, but you would give up tremendous amount of defense to use it. Constitution is purely for leveling. About the only end game item you get from retailers is the Borg BO because of Efficient trait, which is now available in C-store.

But if there was other methods of getting the items, I could see the case for making them more powerful. (I actually already have them because I bought the items when it was on steam sale also, so this might give me a reason to pull them out of the bank)