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06-14-2011, 09:32 AM
Originally Posted by Archanubis
Nice work. Be interesting to see a ship size chart for all the ships in game, including all the variants of the various classes.
Yeah, there are definately variations in size, which could effect the "order" of similar sized ships. (Such as the Prometheus and Cheyenne) However, my purpose was to create a quick chart which gave the closest direct comparison between the most ships in the least amount of space. Adding all the variants would have made the chart too big for such a direct comparison.

I like Suricata's chart, though. Although it's not as clear when it comes to direct comparison, it's organized more like SpiderMitch's chart. (Or the other way around; I remember that old chart ) I would suggest adding numeric lengths, even if you have to use an estimate. Or, maybe a ruler across the top of each ship class, with perhaps a grid line every 100 meters or so. Of course, that's assuming you want to use a consistent scale, or to even bother with that...

I came up with a formula for converting from game coordinates to meters, I will try to post it here, as well as my table of in game coordinates. I basically collected those by going into the demo and placing cameras at the front and rear points of the ship to record their coordinates. But obviously collecting those coordinates for ALL the ships in game will add drastically to the time this will take.