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06-14-2011, 10:13 AM
For defense, EPtS is a must have or TSS for the resists it gives your shields. For a heal go with AUXtSIF, again for the resists. PH will give a hull resist and will break tractor beams which slow you down.

For offence Attack patterns Beta or Delta (and/or omeaga). The key to a good alpha strike is having all your attack buffs up when you are at the effective range for your weapons and the the enemy has no or few defenses available.
It takes practice and timing.

As to the escorts I don't know that much about the FED side as a player(yet). And the team supporting the escort is what makes them shine or fail.
But facing them in my Raptor I have found that the Defiant retro a tough opponent in the hands of a good pilot.