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06-14-2011, 04:19 PM
Originally Posted by Blayyde
I like Suricata's chart, though. Although it's not as clear when it comes to direct comparison, it's organized more like SpiderMitch's chart. (Or the other way around; I remember that old chart ) I would suggest adding numeric lengths, even if you have to use an estimate. Or, maybe a ruler across the top of each ship class, with perhaps a grid line every 100 meters or so. Of course, that's assuming you want to use a consistent scale, or to even bother with that...
The grid on the background actually does represent 100m, although the image I posted is a rough mockup of the new chart I'm making right now, so some scales are off. The labels on the ships will just retain the c-store price/credits of the ships, although my older version did have ship lengths on it, I got tired of the debates people wanted to have about them :-P