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06-15-2011, 03:13 AM
Originally Posted by Darkthunder View Post
One idea, might be to (somewhere down the line), add a "Fleet Icon Creator" to the game, so that Fleet Officers can design their own icon? Possibly with rudimentary "paint" tools?

Would solve the issue of taking time away from the developers, when every "Tom, **** and Harry" wants their own Fleet icon. Instead, adding a Fleet Icon Creator, "Tom, **** and Harry" can design the icons themselves
This is an interesting idea, but you would run into someone making an inappropriate emblem. If everyone were able to be responsible people I think it would work.

Originally Posted by Khannnnn
I would just like the option to be able to use more images in my logo than two. I have an image in my head of what I'd ultimately like my fleet logo to be, but it's just impossbile without another layer or two. Allowing us to use 3-5 images in our logo would be incredibly helpful.
More layer would allow me to make a better fleet emblem with out the devs adding more images.

Originally Posted by Inquizitor View Post
Simple solution. Allow more layers to a patch. WE ahve basic shapes now. If we had more layer options we could create what we are wanting as opposed to having to wait for you guys to add the symbol into the game.
I agree.

WishStone, it does not hurt to ask. Yes, you guys can say no or not possible. It also does not hurt to see whether the community agrees or see a better option. I also purposely put in a question at the end to see if the community can come up with a better idea then what I had and they did. I would suggest that any GM should not assume a thread is going one way or the other until it does because it can make a community feel like the moderators/devs do not respect them and I hope you are aware of the old saying of when you assume.