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# 1 Defiant Retrofit: Needs Nerf
06-15-2011, 08:11 AM
Hello Forum,

For a long time, I've been beaten by a landslide when going against players using the Defiant-R. It's clearly obvious that it needs a nerf. I agree that the Cloak is cool and that its a fun ship to play, but the fact is its SO OP that its hard to tell that its an escort as opposed to one of the developers' personal toys that got loose. Cruisers and Science ships don't stand a chance against it, and the cloak only makes it that much more powerful. I've seen too many people using this strategy:

Cloak---Get Close---Fire off buffs---Uncloak---Lay waste and defeat in under 3 seconds---recloak
This is typically 1 on 1.

Even when you have a group, the ship can easily outgun the enemy 3-to-1.
ESPECIALLY When equipped with the Borg set. It is just TOO powerful.

Cryptic, I implore you to do something about it.