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06-15-2011, 09:53 AM
This is simply a retread of something that has been discussed at length before here:

In my opinion, that thread did a good job of dismissing any calls for nerf. It even inspired a thread asking for a buff:

As a Def-R pilot, while spec'ed fully for hit & run, I only get kills within 5 seconds if the opponent is inexperienced, unprepared, and/or distracted by my teammates. Otherwise it takes about 10 seconds, or I have to run if I've failed to kill my target - which gives you plenty of time to defend yourself. There are plenty of counters to alpha strikes. A combo of Tac Team & EPtS as soon as you hear someone cloaked popping of their powers or even immediately after they begin firing at you works well for me. Other tactics mentioned above work well too, such as FBP, tractors, RSP, or good old-fashioned teamwork.

A hit & run defiant that can get quick alpha strike kills are glass cannons, and therefore are very squishy and easily poppaple. The only tac captained defiants that can tank well have to sacrifice burst damage. I know because that's how I used to have my defiant spec'ed and I rarely got kills in my first wave of attack. Engineer captains can tank their defiants well, also with a sacrifice to burst damage - and therefore making it difficult to get 5 second, one salvo kills.

If I didn't run after being damaged & focus fired, I would die quite often in PvP.