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06-15-2011, 11:30 AM
Originally Posted by rlaffargue
oooh flavor of the month builds. I foresee a new thread! :-D
Wow that's a quick and terse response. Since there aren't a lot of builds to compare too on the boards. A) I have no idea what is flavor of the month or not. But B) why wouldn't I maximize my points by dropping a skill I can do without?

I'm an Engineer my DPS will never rival a Tac's but I can get by with the Harpengs just fine ( Even if they Nerf them), This week in 5 pvp matches by maxing out my Engineer skills I was far and away the biggest healer, died the fewest times and managed respectable damage numbers....

I originally posted my build because I had no known builds to compare it with. Now after flying it for a bit, I really don't care if it's flavor of the month or not it works for me....