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Trophy Room

........The shuffling of crew is the klingon way. Ship captains come and go, live and die. Most garner enough respect from the crew to make it a long career. The few who don't find themselves falling under the judgment of a first officer's bat'leth. The crew of the raptor class I.K.S. Crimson Talon doubted they could respect a non-Klingon captain. But it's hard not to, when he's an eight-foot tall hirogen.

........Dunjir enters the mess hall. Subordinates scatter, allowing him a wide path. He picks up a mug from a table and walks over to the barrel of bloodwine sitting open. He lifts the ladle and fills the mug, ignoring the spillage on the side.

........Todok, the ship's engineer, has been on many ships and has seen many captains come and go. Being an old, scraggly klingon, battle has weathered his body and his soul, scars running from outside in. He sits at a table with four other officers.

........"Nice of you to join us in celebrating our victory," Todok says slurringly, his head swimming in bloodwine.

........Dunjir turns and steps from the barrel. He towers over the table, but stands quietly. The other bridge officers seated with Todok are the seven-foot gorn named Slavec, a smaller gorn named Saraash, a klingon woman named Unris, and an orion enforcer named Madekk. They look around at each other, but say nothing.

........"We wonder sometimes, 'tis all," Todok says, taking the last drink of his bloodwine. He turns up the cup, and then peers at the bottom with one eye clinched. "You took your trophy and disappeared into that...that space in cargo bay two you had me cordon off with targ nets. You were there a long time."

........"That is my trophy room," Dunjir says. "You all may go in and look but do not touch." The hirogen takes a sip of the wine, grimaces slightly, but takes another anyway. "If you disturb any of my trophies, I will replace the damaged item with your carcass." Dunjir turns and exits the mess hall.

........Todok gnaws at the targ's haunchbone. He drops it on his plate and pushes it away from him. He sits for a moment, picking meat from between his teeth. He grunts and then stands, and the other four jump to their feet as well. They hurriedly walk out of the mess hall and make their way to the cargo holds, followed by a mob of crewman. Todok reaches the door to cargo bay two. Before entering, he notices the crowd behind him.

........"Not everyone has to enter," Todok says to the crewman. "Get back to your posts. You can quell your curiosity later."

........A few grumble, but they turn and walk away. Only Todok and four other bridge officers remain. He taps the pad on the side, and the cargo bay's door swishes open. They navigate through the crates, until they approach the targ nets. Todok reaches up and takes hold, but hesitates. He turns to Unris. She growls slightly in displeasure and nods for him to proceed. Todok throws the net aside and they enter.

........They all gasp, even the gorn Slavec. Hanging from the nets and the wall are various skeletons and hides, mostly animals, but a few humanoids. In the center display is the most recent trophy, the tanned hide of an undine tacked to the wall as the main central piece. Todok walks up to it, studying it closely, part in awe, part in disgust.

........"It appears to be coated in something," Todok says. "A preservative perhaps."

........Saraash reaches around Todok to touch it.

........"Fool!" Todok snaps.

........The smaller gorn pulls away, but eyes Todok menacingly.

........"Where is the rest of it?" Unris asks. "The guts, the innards. Where?" She looks around on the floor. "There is a stain, but nothing else."

........"Are you an idiot?" Todok says. "You were in the mess hall. Did you see him leave with any food?"

........Unris drops her gaze, and then jerks her wide eyes back to Todok.

........"Well," Todok says. "If the Undine don't hate us, they will now." He pushes his way through the group and exits the cargo bay. He enters the bridge and eyes Dunjir at the engineer's console. Todok approaches.

........"Give me your report," Dunjir says, stepping back from the console.

........Todok steps up to it, punches some buttons and sighs. "Ship repairs are complete," he says. "We have full impulse and all weapons. Warp engines are back online."

........"Good," Dunjir says.

........"We're ready to leave the area," Todok says. "Per your command, of course."

........"Do it," Dunjir says. "Set a course for Qo'noS."

........"Acknowledged," Todok answers.