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Originally Posted by whamhammer View Post
So looking at a "Damage Per Second" concept a single cannon with a Damage Per Shot of 212 would equate to 282 Damage Per Second, while a dual beam bank with a Damage per Shot of 226 woudl equate to a Damage Per Second of 150???

Also, would I take into account that each shot would still be affected by resistances in such???

So in theory, single cannons and beam weapons probably equate to the same overall damage???
STO Wiki has the information you want regarding DPS and DPV.

Procs and damage (including resistance) are calculated per shot, meaning that Cannons/Turrets have a much higher proc rate when under Rapid Fire. A Cannon/Turret boat can really put out a ton of procs with RF/SV. Combined with DEM, they're quite potent.