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Originally Posted by whamhammer View Post
So looking at a "Damage Per Second" concept a single cannon with a Damage Per Shot of 212 would equate to 282 Damage Per Second, while a dual beam bank with a Damage per Shot of 226 woudl equate to a Damage Per Second of 150???
The Single Cannon DPS of 212 ALREADY MEANS Damage per Second.

It does not mean Damage per Shot.

Damage per Volley is listed on STO Wiki. (That is what you mean by Damage per Shot)

So yes, a Dual Beam Bank with 226 DPS will do more damage over time than a Single Cannon with 212 DPS. However, it will have only half the firing arc. (90 degrees compared to 180 degrees)

To clarify, here is a table comparing the DPS and firing arc of all energy weapons (at Mk X. For some reason, STO Wiki doesn't show Mk XII for Dual Beam Banks)

Weapon --------------- DPS - Arc
Turret -------------------- 120 - 360 deg
Beam Array ------------ 160 - 250 deg
Cannon ----------------- 192 - 180 deg
Dual Beam Bank ------ 208 - 90 deg
Dual Cannons --------- 232 - 45 deg
Dual Heavy Cannons - 232 - 45 deg

So as you can see, the damage increases as the arc decreases. A Cannon fits right between the Beam Array and Dual Beam Bank in terms of damage and arc.