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06-15-2011, 03:33 PM
Originally Posted by Rexy
My advice is do what you enjoy and makes you feel effective. Sure, there is some amount of Min/Maxing, but there isn't much consensus on a lot of things in this game
^- I strongly support this.

There will *always* be Flavor of the Month builds in any game. I've seen them there as well; it's part of how things just happen. There is also often 'counter threads' about how to 'crack' the FotM builds. Also normal.

In the end it very much depends on preference. If someone wants to follow the trend, they will find themselves having to rebuild often; get specific gear often... or they can ask about more general builds or "Hey, how can I be more efficient using phaser turrets in ground maps?". Some users may post "Lulz, they suck, you should do X instead" - thank them and let them know you'd really like to know more about turrets.