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06-15-2011, 04:07 PM
Originally Posted by CrustyMac View Post
I'm noticing in the skill planner that it is telling you to put points in spatial anomaly and tractor beam, along with some other science skills that you don't have any points in. I'm assuming that that is for a different set of BOffs.

If this is working for you, I don't see anything that I would do to improve the build, except that you might free up some points in the "efficiency" categories depending on how you set your power levels.

You've got a lot of EPtX. Do the cool downs interfere with each other?
That's probably my biggest concern.... I find that epts1 cool down isn't that long so I can rotate it with epts3 and get constant shield heals... I thinking of swapping out epta because as was pointed out by my friend I can either hit EPS or an Aux battery for the same effect.