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06-16-2011, 12:15 PM
I would go the opposite route.

I think account wide unlocks limit the profit window of a particular asset, which means Cryptic gets tied up constantly creating more new C-Store assets.

If they'd designed everything to be ala carte from the beginning, they wouldn't have to budget as much for new C-Store development (if you can only sell something once, you have to sell more new things constantly) and could have a larger content team.

I was frustrated awhile back until I did the math and realized we'd need 250k subscribers for the content team we currently have, without a C-Store. So the C-Store really is a necessity but smaller, repeatable item sales versus more expensive, bigger account unlocks should help the game, overall.

Bigger, more expensive account-wide unlocks force Cryptic to constantly develop new assets... and also to eat a bigger loss if the big items don't sell at higher prices.