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06-16-2011, 04:15 PM
Originally Posted by WishStone
Indeed, quite impressive.
Did you get moments where you felt like just giving up and leveling?
Quite a few times, but I figured that since I had gotten so far already, I might as well keep going for a little bit more.

Though now that I'm 51, I haven't gotten past Ensign still, and it's been *really* tempting to just spend all my skill points at one. I'm resisting so far though, and have been slowly grinding out some Emblems...not that anything I can buy with Emblems I can use, as an Ensign.

Originally Posted by Powerhelm View Post
I know several people who've done it. I myself got to around Ensign 21 or so. I did it as a challenge initially. Not teaming, no Kerrat or any of that. Straight Cryptic missions and an occasional DSE. I found that it wasn't that hard which was what I had hoped it'd be, just kinda boring. So I finally just leveled and got my nice ship.

Congrats nonetheless!
Up to 21 wasn't too bad. The difficulty range doesn't start becoming near insurmountable until closer to the 30's. That's about when I started having to do more diplomatic type missions, or maybe find a group, which was tough, as I'm not in an active fleet.

Originally Posted by dukedom View Post
Been there, done that.


Nice work though Ainu

There are more 'challenging' things than just to grind a 'few' diplomatic missions. Without outside help it still is THE ironman challenge of STO though. :p
I figured someone else would have to have done it. I started this quite a while ago, but slowed down a lot in the later levels, since I didn't really have outside help for more than a few missions, and did quite a few levels solely on 'Rescue the Deferi Captives'.

Originally Posted by Mongoson View Post
Well Color old Mongo impressed!

That is tenacity and determination all rolled up into one. and no, you are the first I know if that have completed this. Feel free to group up with me if you need help anytime.

and if you need to blow up a klink or two, holler I'll let you use my klinks as target practice.
Thanks. I'm still wanting to see if I can do the STFs...Infected and Cure at least. KA I'm not so sure about since I would basically have to be carried for space parts.

I don't think I need Klingons though, as I'm avoiding non Ker'rat PVP dailies, since I wouldn't be of any help to my team. Even Ker'rat, I have problems with Klingons who think it's fun to 1 shot me every time I spawn. I figure they'd get tired of it eventually and realize I can't put up any sort of fight...but I guess not.