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Now, people who have the Amazon pre-order or bought it later on the C-Store have an account wide Borg Engineer BO unlock. I'm NOT suggesting that the existing unlock be messed with.

However, for consistency's sake and for the sake of people who want all-Borg crews...

I propose that Cryptic:

- Pull the existing pre-order BO for future purchases.
- Redesign it to function more like the Caitian/Aenar, with multiples as an option and with the price being per BO.
- Add males as an option at Requisitions. (The optional Amazon Borg suit has a male version worn by some NPCs already.)
- Give Lifetime Liberated Borg access to the male and female Borg costumes that the BOs get.

Beyond that... I'd suggest just making that the C-Store release for a month, with a couple of additions:

Liberated Borg Human, Vulcan, and Andorian BOs for Federation.

Liberated Borg Klingon, Gorn, and Nausicaan BOs for KDF.

Then make the individual ones earnable through the Borg STFs with the added perk for STF players that you can get cross faction Liberated Borg BOs (similar to how the Targ is KDF only via the C-Store but is cross-faction via the in-game event that awarded it.)