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06-16-2011, 04:25 PM
In fact, with the two tier difficulty planned for the STF revamps, I would make it so that:

Infected awards one same faction T1 token as a mission reward on regular. One opposite faction T1 token on difficult.

These are used to purchase human and Klingon.

The Cure awards one same faction T2 token on regular and one opposite faction T2 token on advanced.

These are Vulcan and Nausicaan.

Khitomer Accord awards one same faction T3 token on regular and an opposite faction T3 token on advanced.

These are Andorian and Gorn.

Into the Hive awards one T4 "de-assimilation" token and a choice between Locutus and Seven of Nine costume as a character unlock in addition on Advanced.

The T4 token would be traded for a BO version of Manus of Borg or Armek of Borg, both unique, and each with traits based on the actual boss abilities.