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06-16-2011, 05:31 PM
Originally Posted by Darkthunder View Post
Any reason why Caitians don't work for the Klingon Faction? If memory serves, no word was actually stated that Caitians are/were a member of the Federation, other than having 1 serving on the Enterprise in TAS (which is considered non-canon by most sources).

I understand Aenar being Fed Only as they are essentially just an offshoot of the Andorians (one of the founding members of the Federation). But certainly Caitians should be possible for both factions?

Klingons have it bad enough, why aren't there more releases of EQUAL content for both factions, instead of lopsiding content to the Feds, and then possibly giving a bone to the Klingons?
We used to hear from DStahl about adding a Canoid or Felinoid race to the KDF. Last word is they were looking into it because they have no TAS rights to add the Kzinti.

I believe they failed so far to allocate resources towards doing this for the usual reasons (low population, low c-store sales KDF side).

My stance is... if there's continued disparity in fun & unique KDF content (results in low population) and disparity in KDF C-Store items (results in low sales) the dilemma will never be resolved.