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I've been loving the addition of the Foundry to STO and have taken the plunge and begun working on my own series which I'd really like people to take a look at so I can improve my foundry and story telling skills.

Stranger Days Part One sees you returning to ESD at the request of Admiral Quinn for what seems like a rather trivial task for such an esteemed starship Captain as yourself.
As you begin to investigate you are drawn deeper into a much larger plot arc that escalates as you move to parts two, three and four.

The missions aren't massively long at around half and hour to forty minutes and I've strived to create the sort of missions that I like to play myself. The game play is a fairly balanced combination of plot lines, split dialogue trees and combat so hopefully there will be something in there for everyone.

I've learnt a lot playing around with the first four missions and I'm currently hard at work on parts five and six that will draw the series to a close hopefully in true epic style.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.