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06-17-2011, 03:54 AM
finally took my tac captain out of the excelsior, and stuck her in a fleet escort. now that i cant keep my power over caped at all, the advantage of using a cruiser with her is gone. even though i love the look of the advanced escort and the MVAM option and station set up i just cant get a heal setup that i like with it. i also am using 5 beam arrays with a quantum fore and aft, so a PSW wouldn't do my any good like it would if i was using cannons, and the MVAM mobility isn't needed ether.

the whole beam array escort is something i have liked and flown for a long time, long before the FAW buff, but i actually haven't flown this setup since that happens. a beam array escort feels like the most canon setup in game imo, a ton of tactical options at your disposal without an extreme amount of over the top healing. so far im very happy with the results, and have been dealing massive damage and getting quite allot of kills. allot of people really hate FAW, but i know they must despise it when they get hit by about 30 beam array hits in a down shield facing with FAW III, FOMM, APB II, and APA, followed by a HY I critical. woops! that was a short battle! not very effective at all in arena matches, but great fun in cap and hold