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06-17-2011, 09:59 AM
Originally Posted by FallingSky
Unfortunately the way that the UI system works and how the UI skins are done, it isn't trivial to give an option to change the color of the UI since the colors are baked into the textures that make up the UI. While it is possible for us to add new skins, it takes a significant amount of effort to build a new UI skin.
Why bother with a new skin? Just overlap the existing texture with a new color or filter. You mean to say that the texture and color are all one file, i.e. baked together so you can't remove the color... you can COVER the existing texture/color with something else though.

If it is too much work, thats ok. Like the poster above said, toss us the file and we can try our hand at it to see if we can't help you. Sounds like the community could help you out in this case.