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06-17-2011, 10:05 AM
Originally Posted by Kerchek
I am fairly new to STO and am currently trying to level a KDF toon. I have to say that this would be a very boring and long process if I had only current content and pvp to work with. Thankfully I can do the featured missions over and over again because trying to get into a pvp match has an extremly long que for KDF. Maybe instead of just using the foundy of which there are quite a few really good KDF missons why not also change the pvp so Fed vs Fed is no longer possible. This might encourage more players to play Klingon faction which will result in more content being developed because the numbers of the KDF have increased. I am not trying to flame or get banned but I think it might help to balence the population a little. I know this will probably get me a warning or a ban but this is the first MMO that I have ever played where the content for one faction was so blatently lacking and isn't pvp supposed to be against another faction not your own?
Originally, PvP was set to be Federation versus Klingon. This was changed during play and it's highly doubtful that the decision would be changed (or, changed back, as it were).

Thanks for you input.