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06-17-2011, 11:53 AM

Thanks for the post, it's nice that all aspects of the game are continually looked at for improvement. I think I can speak for the majority here when I say we appreciate every single effort you guys put into this game. This is not a criticism post from me.

We understand that it's not a click-fingers-and-it's-done issue, but surely can you just see the difficulty in seeing neutral/friendly ships against hostile ones? (My Issue)

The final part of the final Cloaked Intentions series is a point in fact when Sela's flagship appears.
Play that on the Klingon side if you haven't already and tell me you can target the enemy ship you want to straight away. Tell me you can see every single friendly ship at a glance and not target them on the flip side.

I have enormous difficulty in scenarios like that, so a few shades different from red and slightly orangey-red would be very helpful. Please change the orange for ship names to something more distinct.