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06-17-2011, 12:09 PM
Originally Posted by Aoav160 View Post
Play one to get the population up. If the KDF never gets worked on kiss your third/fourth/fifth factions goodbye.
I honestly think that creating a Klingon and never playing him is not going to do anything for the population issue. I'm fairly certain that the "12%" or "14%" of the playerbase that the devs talk about is players actually actively playing Klingons, not the overall proportion of Captains created. The devs can certainly datamine both of these statistics, and would not confuse them.

This is why that number was said to vary. It's not Klingon players overall, it was Klingons actively playing the week that quote was made.

The honest truth is, there really isn't much the players can do to encourage interest in the Klingons. You can boost the numbers temporarily, but such attempts will be transparent to the devs, particularly if you advertise it here on the board.