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06-18-2011, 07:03 AM
I am all for more ships and options.
BUT the devs should focus on adding some GOOD LOOKING ships/costumes first.

No offense really, but we have enough clunky looking Starfleet ship in this game.
To be honest, STO is the worst looking Star Trek game (when it comes to new starfleet ships designs) i have ever seen.

Please don't missunderstand me, i am not against the Jupiter Dreadnought, but there are so many ships/costumes i would rather see being added in STO before the devs add the Jupiter.
For example, the Ambassador, the Andorian ship, some good looking costumes for the Assault Cruiser, ONE (for Q's sake) good looking T5 Excelsior costume, T4 costume variants for the Galaxy -X and -R, just to name a few.

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